Eat as much as you want when you want

Let's start with this... "diets" do not work. This is not fact (although I'm sure there is evidence showing this) but in the long run, a fad diet doesn't work. There are lots of reasons for this that I'm sure you would have heard before. The one reason I will focus on is the human … Continue reading Eat as much as you want when you want


The big 5- Happiness

These are the most important things to get right for our happiness: Flexible schedule As International teachers, we get to make the most of this during the summer months. In fact, when this is posted I will either be walking up a volcano, walking through a monkey forest, doing yoga, or sitting on a beach … Continue reading The big 5- Happiness

7 ways to find happiness

So happiness is important. Some people will answer the question "what is the one thing you want most in your life" with happiness as their answer. If it has been scientifically proven that happiness improves the chance of success, shouldn't we know how to improve our own happiness? Here are 7 ways to find happiness: … Continue reading 7 ways to find happiness

The Happiness Advantage- It’s scientifically proven

It has been scientifically proven that happiness does improve performance. Shawn Achor writes about numerous studies that have found happiness to have a positive impact on peoples lives in his book "The happiness advantage". The book mentions 200 scientific studies on nearly 275,000 people and it demonstrates how happiness can lead to success in almost every area … Continue reading The Happiness Advantage- It’s scientifically proven

Happiness leads to success- not the other way around

I find that I go through a bit of "slump" every now and then and there seems to be no real reason for it. I used to find that I'd give it some time and eventually I'd snap out of it and crack on doing what I'm doing. Without the English weather and winter blues … Continue reading Happiness leads to success- not the other way around

The end of Average

As a society, we are obsessed by averages. Sports produce stats and work out players averages (time playing, batting/ bowling averages, goals per game for/against etc.), schools produce the average grades regionally, nationally and internationally, we can instantly google the average life expectancy (79 years) and average weight for certain heights (140-190lbs for 6 foot … Continue reading The end of Average

Is it stress or fear?

How would performing in front a 100,000 people make you feel? This question can be adapted for anyone to make them feel a very similar thing. A footballer could be asked how they would feel playing in a world cup final. The Prime minister about giving a speech in front of the nation that they … Continue reading Is it stress or fear?

5 barriers to forming good habits

1. Yoga is for flexible girls I'm not a girl and I have never been flexible. I remember doing the sit and reach test at school and not even getting a score. I found it funny at the time and I remember my PE teacher saying "You're just not flexible, like me". So I believed … Continue reading 5 barriers to forming good habits

Innovative education

There are notable education environments that are approaching learning differently already. Here are some examples: Finland- The main focus of learning is for the students to find happiness. School weeks are around 20 hours long and some days are 3 hours, including a lunch or break time. Every school has a similar philosophy and students … Continue reading Innovative education

3 ways to find happiness in daily life

I am by no means perfect and definitely am not a happy-clappy guy all the time, but I have found certain habits can make me feel happier each day. 1. Be grateful Appreciation is the antidote to feeling sad; it is impossible to feel negative and grateful at the same time. Find three things every day … Continue reading 3 ways to find happiness in daily life