3 Small steps to make big changes- The Kaizen Way

Innovation is happening all around us. Within the next few decades, we will all be using artificial intelligence as much as we currently use our phones and there will be human beings on Mars. With so much change it is easy to feel overwhelmed and want to hold onto the status quo. However, innovation doesn't … Continue reading 3 Small steps to make big changes- The Kaizen Way

Is it stress or fear?

How would performing in front a 100,000 people make you feel? This question can be adapted for anyone to make them feel a very similar thing. A footballer could be asked how they would feel playing in a world cup final. The Prime minister about giving a speech in front of the nation that they … Continue reading Is it stress or fear?

5 barriers to forming good habits

1. Yoga is for flexible girls I'm not a girl and I have never been flexible. I remember doing the sit and reach test at school and not even getting a score. I found it funny at the time and I remember my PE teacher saying "You're just not flexible, like me". So I believed … Continue reading 5 barriers to forming good habits

3 ways to find happiness in daily life

I am by no means perfect and definitely am not a happy-clappy guy all the time, but I have found certain habits can make me feel happier each day. 1. Be grateful Appreciation is the antidote to feeling sad; it is impossible to feel negative and grateful at the same time. Find three things every day … Continue reading 3 ways to find happiness in daily life


Imagine there is a bank account that credits your account each morning with £86,400. It carries over no balance from day to day. Every evening the bank deletes whatever part of the balance you failed to use during the day. What would you do? Draw out every penny, of course!! Each of us has such … Continue reading Time

Goal Setting

As 2018 quickly approaches our thoughts have recently been on what we want to achieve next year. We have set new year resolutions before but it's amazing how many times it gets to mid-February and I can barely even remember what I said a few weeks earlier. Previous intentions such as "get fit" or "be … Continue reading Goal Setting

Give and you shall receive

Want some help? Help someone. Want to find a partner? Find someone else a partner. Want to learn something? Teach someone else. Want more money? Give more money. Want to be loved? Love somebody or something.    I remember hearing Shelia Hancock speaking at our graduation saying that if you want more of something all … Continue reading Give and you shall receive

My Miracle Mornings

The alarm goes off... hit snooze... the alarm goes off... hit snooze... the alarm goes off... hit snooze... wake up... shower quickly... eat anything I see... drive like a nutter to work (or like everyone else here)... My day starts. "Ah, the old morning routine, how I miss those days" is something you will never … Continue reading My Miracle Mornings