The Start Up Mindset & Outsourcing Tips w/ Moe Saghier

​So many people ​love the idea of having a business that means they can work when they want, where they want. 

There’s also the thought of putting yourself and family in a better financial situation and genuinely helping other people (you know employees, clients and real people). But so many people ​put their business plans on the back burner.

Then one day they realise they are 60 years old and they missed their chance to try this. 

My good friend and old colleague, Moe Saghier from Edventures Recruitment, explains what made him take the ​leap and start his own startup. We chat about:

  • The importance of just starting
  • How finding someone else who has done what you want to do can save so much wasted time and money
  • ​Why your mindset​ is one of the most overused words in a startups vocabulary
  • And much more
As always the last few minutes sums up the main points and leaves you with one little piece of action you can take away. 
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Keep changing for the better! 

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