How Much Does Mediavine Pay & How to Qualify w/ Amber Bracegirdle

​So many bloggers are looking for that juicy “passive income”. 

Well, working with a good ad network is one of the most passive forms of income. You make content, get visitors and the network will pay you.

​You don’t need to ​think about:

  • selling
  • funnels
  • managing an email list

The issue is, so many ad networks pay peanuts!

Mediavine is probably the most well-known ad network that actually pays bloggers what they are worth. But what do you need to do to actually work with them?

This question, and more, are answered in this podcast with Amber Bracegirdle from Mediavine.


As always the last few minutes sums up the main points and leaves you with one little piece of action you can take away. 
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