Why and How to Start a Podcast [+6 Mind Blowing Stats]


Ever considered starting a podcast?

As you’re about to find out there is a potentially huge opportunity in the podcasting world that exists right now… and it really has never been easier to start a podcast.

Listen in to find out:

  • Why the opportunity for podcasting is so good right now
  • Some of the best benefits of starting a podcast today
  • How to actually start a podcast (and without spending a penny!)
As always the last few minutes sums up the main points and leaves you with one little piece of action you can take away. 
Find the show notes here– https://maketimeonline.com/58
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One thought on “Why and How to Start a Podcast [+6 Mind Blowing Stats]

  1. Thank you for sharing the back story and the stats! Very insightful.

    My “podcast” is in the form of YouTube videos.
    Have you visited my psychology channel? 150 videos to date.

    I have thought about starting a podcast, but realized my best medium as a psychology professor and coach includes both auditory and visual.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Andrea ❤


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