Making Money Online Sounds Hard

But It Sounds Too Hard

What is your Why?

I want to tell you a quick story about what I have seen since moving abroad in 2015.

In the first summer holidays when we started teaching in Qatar, Sarah and I went back to England and I dragged her to a free property investment seminar. I sold it to her on the basis that we are starting to earn more money and we should start thinking about what we are going to do with it. I’d read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” a few years before and I had become more and more obsessed with property.

It was during the three day course that we ended up signing up to that I came across this question for the first time. What is your why?… strike 1. I had never even thought about this before. I had never even considered why I get up in the morning and go to work. What was my motivation?

We were told to really think about it that night and we ended up writing something vague such as for our future selves (LAME!!!!)

Anyway, the next year I went on a course with work and the PE team in Bangkok. When we walked into the first workshop, the screen on the slideshow said:

A man with a why can cope with any how.

The underlying theme throughout the 3-day workshop was to think about your story and what your WHY was… Strike 2.

We then went back to work in our next year and the whole staff training was based on thinking about your WHY using your passion and bringing out the children’s passions… strike 3!

Finding a why is so important in anything that we do because when it gets hard, it helps us to continue. It helps us to know that what we are doing has a purpose and there is a reason for doing it.

Be realistic

Starting any business is hard. There is no way around this fact. If we can only dedicate half an hour a day to it when the kids go to bed then that’s what it will have to be to start with. However, doing this for 3 months is the equivalent of one week of full-time work. So we should expect to see one weeks worth of results, not 3 months worth!!

Make it a habit

The most important thing here is doing it every day because momentum is so important. If we want to do 7 hours a week, it is much better to do an hour a day (at the same time) than to do 7 hours on a Saturday and nothing for the rest of the week.

If we have 6 days away from it we will forget what we were doing previously. We will not be productive for all 7 hours as that is too long to work for in one go. So that 7 hours will probably be the same as about 4-5 hours of productive work. 

There’s always something that comes up! So making it a habit means you can choose a time when you know you haven’t got anything else going on each day and it makes the workload more manageable.

Set small targets that are not financial

Rather than focusing on how much money you want to come in, you can set goals such as a number of words to write in a month or visitors to get to your website. You have more control of this and this can help you to ensure you are doing the key tasks each day instead of fretting about the big fat $0 in your affiliate account.

Use support

It can be a lonely process starting an online business. Whilst one of the benefits is that you don’t have to manage anybody else, you also don’t get to bounce ideas off your colleagues or employees like you would in most businesses.

This is the main reason that I would recommend starting with a program such as Wealthy Affiliates (Click here to find out more about the program). You can speak to like-minded people and get insights into what works for others doing the same thing. 



It’s important to find your own why in life. This could be a mission statement or something that you really want to do e.g. improve financial education/ travel the world/ have a family and not have to work

Once we have found this “Why” it makes all the hard parts much easier to do. Turning your “How” into a habit makes it much easier to do and doesn’t rely on willpower to do it (willpower will ALWAYS run out).

And as the saying goes…

“If it was easy, everyone would be doing it”

Keep changing for the better,



If you would like to see how I started my online business and what training I am currently using to grow it click here.


6 thoughts on “Making Money Online Sounds Hard

  1. Your why is a very important think about. I have several reasons why I choose to teach life time residual income online. One is I believe everyone needs residual income and the program I teach is simple to learn. If you love what you do it’s not hard to put the time in on the work. Helping people build a life time residual income is a good why to promote the Income For Life Program.
    Have a super wonderful day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s such an important thing to learn in our current financial situation. If the majority of people understood the way currency was created I believe the system wouldn’t work.

      It relies on people’s taxes and people using more debt to work. The minute people are sceptical about it there will be chaos (we’ve already had 2 warnings since 1998- 2000 & 2008)

      The bonus is that understanding it can help us to use the system to our advantage.

      You’re on a great mission Mark and the world needs more of people like you


      Liked by 1 person

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