Goals are for losers

The big issue in setting goals is that we are always failing until we reach the goal. We sometimes never achieve our goals, therefore, we are a constant failure! But wait… isn’t failing a good thing?  Aren’t goals important to set so we know where we need to go? In fact, I have written about the importance of goals and failing before. What I have found out recently though is that I haven’t been setting goals at all… they have been systems.

Every time you apply a system that you have set up, you are succeeding

Systems vs. goals

Miracle Mornings

Whilst reading Hal Elrod’s book, I decided to give this a go. The goal was to become more productive and have more energy each day. If this is what I was trying to achieve each day I would simply be failing. Productivity and energy are very hard to measure and to be honest even though I know these have increased, it’s very hard to see the change on a day to day basis. Instead, I set the system of doing the habits each day, therefore, I was successful each time I did this.

The miracle morning includes 6 habits that “successful” people do. The idea is to do this before you start your day (top tip- it doesn’t matter how early you wake up, all that matters is the habits start to stick):

  • Scribing
  • Affirmations
  • Visualisation
  • Exercise
  • Reading
  • Silence (meditation)

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When we moved we decided to write down 30 things to do before turning 30. For some reason, we put run a marathon on the list (nutters!). We were 26 so we knew we had time and the goal was always there. We tried getting into jogging (I believe this is pronounced with a silent J) a few times, but to be honest, it’s very boring! Plus we had loads of time to complete this so we kept putting this off.

It wasn’t until we created a system for running that we started seeing progress. The system was to run at least every other day. This meant we didn’t have to run any distance or at any speed and as long as we stuck to our system we were successful! For me, I could not have run regularly without a podcast/ audiobook to listen to and of course without the positive peer pressure of running with Sarah.


After completing the marathon, I had one goal… Put weight back on. However, I didn’t really want to become a couch potato. So I followed a simple system of going to the gym twice a week and doing the same exercises but increasing the weight. Once I gained the weight my system has stayed the same but the workout has changed.

As we are living in Qatar, the holy month of Ramadan means that employees can only work so many hours a day because a lot of people will be fasting during daylight hours (I think it’s supposed to be 5 hours, but we work from 7:30-1:30, so work that one out!?) Either way we have more time at home so the system has changed to “going to the gym every day”.

Over the summer, we will be here there and everywhere so a gym won’t always be available. The system for the long run will simply be “be active every day”.


When we started writing the blog we didn’t really decide how often or how much we would write. It was really just a case of writing something that came to mind when we had the time.

Since the new year, we have a system of writing one blog a week. I personally find it easier to write early in the morning so I find that weekends are the best time to write, although I do occasionally get something in my head at random times (like now is a Thursday afternoon, when I should probably have a beer in hand ready to start the weekend- again living in a Muslim country means the weekend is Friday, the holy day, and Saturday).

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 3.57.35 PM

Are you winning or losing?

The whole point of setting up a system is that it changes your focus. Rather than consistently losing at achieving your goal, you will be consistently winning at doing the thing you set out to do. From personal experience, I find that if I stick to my system for long enough, the goals that I wanted to achieve just start to happen.





How to fail at almost everything and still win big- Scott Adams (Dilbert comic guy- I must say he’s a pretty clued up man)


32 thoughts on “Goals are for losers

    1. Thanks Kate! Yeah that’s very true actually, goals do come up a lot. I do think goals are important but more a longer term idea that can change. Concentrating on creating systems and doing these each day will help achieve these. Have you got any systems you use?


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  1. I like both words, goals and systems, I like both setting goals and building systems.
    I like the comics too.
    I like the picture looking out over the ocean.
    All 3 are pretty cool,
    Have a super wonderful weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. A goal is some thing you are working on and goals need to be worked on in steps.
        Step 1
        Step 2
        and so on.
        We build systems to make life easier, we have systems for everything.
        Some of us set goals to build systems to make life easier.
        Anyway, nice article, have a super wonderful weekend.

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  2. I’m a really goal orientated person and it works a treat for me but I get that it doesn’t work for everyone. I also adopt all of those habits you’ve mentioned above but I love working towards my goals. The journey of getting there is just as important as achieving the goal itself.


    1. Thanks for reading Jenny! I am a very goal oriented person too. In fact my wife and I have just reviewed our quarterly goals and set our next ones today. I don’t want to put goals down.

      The title was just meant to be eye catching and a play on words. The main point being you are always losing when trying to reach a goal, but you win every time you follow a system. It just depends which way you look at it!

      Thanks again for your comment I really value your opinion.



    1. Thanks for your comment Sophie,

      I completely agree!! I don’t really think goals are for losers and I actually still use them to set the path. It’s just technically we are not succeeding until we reach the goal so the system helps to get there.

      Great feedback though thanks!!



    1. Thanks Nancy!! Yeah I have previously written about setting goals and failing so I definitely see the benefits in them. The systems are just a new way of thinking that I read about recently and realised how it can change how we feel about succeeding.

      Thanks again,



  3. This is a really interesting perspective. I constantly set myself goals and most of the time I fail because I don’t take the neccessery steps to get there as the objective seems like it’s too far away and requires too much effort. I actually love this idea, I think it’s a brilliant way to go – forming small habits in order to achieve the bigger picture and take pressure off yourself!!

    Farrah | http://www.farrahaslam.com

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to read this post! Yeah I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to set goals but finding things that fall into place.

      I do actually try to set goals (and do see their value) but focus on the systems to get there

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